My grandparents are reunited after the war

After the war, when my grandfather was placed as one of those working to find homes for the refugees and as Rabbi in Pocking, a man came saying he was going to head to Budapest. My grandfather asked him to see if he could find any news of my grandmother and his kids. The man (don’t know his name), went to the main synagogue in Budapest and found a sign among hundreds that said that Sarah Meisels is alive and living at ‘x’. He visited her and told her that her husband was alive and Rabbi in Pocking. My grandmother didn’t believe him, but said that she’d go to see. She left her daughters (my mother and aunt) with her aunt (who had also survived) and headed to Pocking. She found my grandfather and they spoke for hours. Finally, she said “I’ve been here for hours and you haven’t asked about your daughters”. He answered that when he saw her without her daughters he was afraid to ask. My grandmother then returned to Budapest and picked up their daughters and returned to Pocking around December of 1945.

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