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My grandparents are reunited after the war

After the war, when my grandfather was placed as one of those working to find homes for the refugees and as Rabbi in Pocking, a man came saying he was going to head to Budapest. My grandfather asked him to … Continue reading

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My grandfather’s rescue from the camps

My grandfather was lucky in many ways (strange ways, to be sure, but still lucky). He was in Auschwitz. When the allies bombed the railway stations near Passau, he was sent to Buchenwald to help rebuild. He was close to … Continue reading

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My speech at the Pocking memorial service

this is what I said at the memorial service in Pocking, Germany when we rededicated the memorial my grandfather placed there in 1946 and dedicated a new memorial to the children who died after the war. ——————–   We are … Continue reading


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Just got back from Europe

Just got back from an amazing trip to Europe. Visited Germany and Hungary, mainly, with a one day stop in Vienna. It was to go back with my mother, aunt and cousin to see where they grew up, how they … Continue reading

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