Sometimes a bag is not just a bag

I believe that things happen for a reason – and if you are able to actually notice them, you can learn something. I also believe that when serendipity hits, it’s like being hit by a 2×4 that is urging you to PAY ATTENTION!

So today, I’m looking at my RSS feeds and see these two articles:

  1. Rands in Repose: A Bag of Holding
  2. Sara Ford: What a backpack can teach us about software design and usability

Great examples of how you can take an everyday thing or occurrence and really use it to understand something about a greater picture. The fact that they’re both talking about bags just makes it sweeter, IMO.



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2 Responses to Sometimes a bag is not just a bag

  1. says:

    I enjoyed both pages, the Rands a bit more than Sara Ford’s (apologies, Sara…I’ve been pondering “sub-bags” since picking up my nearly-beloved Swiss Gear back in April, and the Rands pointed the way to elegant solutions). Though not exactly a “road warrior”, when I do hit the security lines it is nearly always with an 8-12 hour flight staring me in the face, and thus I tend to go surly by default. As such I have put much thought to streamlining my nerd-self, and reading these well-thought-out pages clarifying such thinking is not only satisfying but will no doubt serve me as go-to links if /when the subject comes up in the future.

    It can be fascinating to pull back the veneer on the mundane, on what we so often take for granted, and to discover the thinking lying underneath. Rewards a-plenty wait for those who are willing/able to employ marginal patience and make a small effort to pull just a little outside of themselves.

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