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How long till I get it right? A Time Traveller’s Lament

I could have titled this entry “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good”, but that’s too boring. I’ve written before about serendipity and hit it again in the past week. At work, I’m looking at modeling and enhancing … Continue reading

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NY Times discusses Big Data and Analytics

Now when someone asks what ECWise does, I can point them to this NY Times article for a quick overview.

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Freaky Friday Management Technique

I love this blog post by Ben Horowitz. Like all great things, it is simple, understandable, and pushes the solution to those that are most affected by it. I’m a big believer in standing in someone else’s shoes – but … Continue reading

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Sometimes a bag is not just a bag

I believe that things happen for a reason – and if you are able to actually notice them, you can learn something. I also believe that when serendipity hits, it’s like being hit by a 2×4 that is urging you … Continue reading

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Annual Thanksgiving post…

Somehow, I got in the habit of linking to a very special video every Thanksgiving. I thought that instead of only doing it on Facebook, I’d do it here as well. I’ll be visiting with family and friends over the … Continue reading

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Time for a reboot!

I’ve decided to take this blog and turn it into a mix of my business and personal thoughts. Here’s an email I just sent out announcing my departure from Microsoft and what I plan to be doing. More thoughts to … Continue reading

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More insanity from Improv Everywhere

Can I get a napkin, please!

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…and this one is just wrong

Mary Poppins as a horror film  

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This cracked me up

The Ten Commandments done as a High School Comedy:    

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Israel trip – December 2005

Just putting up a new gallery of my pics from my recent trip to Israel. Nice time with the family, and speaking at the Israel VB Users Group. Also a bunch of pics of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, the road from … Continue reading

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