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This made me really angry. CSPAN book-TV was going to televise a lecture by an author of a book on the Holocaust. In order to "show both sides", they were then going to give an equivalent amount of time by someone who denies that there were ever death camps in Nazi Germany. As someone whose grandfather was in Auschwitz, and who lost many relatives that I never got to meet, I find this to be political correctness taken to the extreme.

As the Post article states – if someone is going to lecture on the evils of slavery, will CSPAN now put on someone glorifying it? Ridiculous.

The author, Deborah Lipstadt, opted to not appear rather than have this happen. Her publisher supported her despite the loss of publicity on a channel watched (by definition) by heavy readers.

I expect that folks will call for letters to CSPAN. I have a different idea. I just bought the book to help make up for the losses that this lack of publicity may cause. I recommend that you do the same.

Update: Let the letter writing begin!

Update 2: Professional historians have sent CSPAN a protest letter (via Roger Simon).


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